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Each of our probiotic formulas contains billions of diverse “good bacteria” that support your body’s ecosystem – the microbiome. Keep your stomach happy and your skin glowing with our full line of Probulin probiotic products. From total probiotic care to colon support, digestive enzymes, and a suite of skincare products, our products unleash the natural, health-inducing power of bacteria.


Probiotic Extract Skincare

Botanucak​-dense probiotic extract skincare formulations bring you healthier, more vibrant skin perfect for all skin types.

Which Probiotic Products Are Right for Me?

Humans come in many shapes and sizes, which is why we continue to develop a wide range of Probulin probiotics for different types of support. Choose the probiotic products that best fit your specific needs. Learn more about how to choose the right probiotic.

Digestive Issues

You may find relief from occasional digestive challenges, such as gas and bloating, with these expertly formulated probiotic supplements.
Digestive Enzymes: Excellent if you have trouble digesting harder-to-breakdown foods.
Colon Support: Targeted colon support.
Original Formula: Keep your microbiome in check with this reliable, board-spectrum blend.

Immune Support

Support your immune system with a single capsule.
Total Care Immune: Elderberry & Probiotic​ immune​ support​.
Total Care Probiotic: Total gut health support.
Daily Care Probiotic: Daily gut-health ​support​.

Women’s Health

Enjoy support formulated specifically for the women’s microbiome that exists beyond the gut.
Total Care Women’s UT Probiotic: Targeted urinary tract support.
Women’s Health Probiotic: Balanced vaginal microbiome.
TrimSynergy: Support Balanced energy and weight support.

Why Customers Are Choosing Probulin Probiotics

Humans come in many shapes and sizes, which is why we continue to develop a wide range of Probulin probiotics for different types of support. Choose the probiotic products that best fit your specific needs. Learn more about how to choose the right probiotic.

Amazing product. I honestly felt a difference within a day. I will continue to take this for as long as I live. Taking care of our gut is essential!


I've been taking different probiotics for years now, and don't find any benefits with these (had been hoping, since this brand cost a lot more than others). So all the hype about how great these ar...


I buy women probiotics for my mom living in Turkey, she is a cancer survivor and consuming these for 2 years. No more urinary and digestion concerns. I am very happy to know Probulin!


I'm 51 years old, in the depths of menopause. I haven't had a good night's sleep in probably 2-3 years. Horrible night sweats that I wake up with damp hair and damp bed sheets every 2-3 hours. Hot ...


I've needed a formulation like this! Thank you!


I am going through menopause and I have crazy breakouts I he pop up out of nowhere. It is so embarrassing having breakouts my entire life starting at 13. I have had dermabrations, and 11 micro need...

Lisa Lewis

I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and usually don't stray from my usual facial routine, but I decided to give this a try as the reviews were really good. I am AMAZED at how my skin has changed...




What Makes Probulin Probiotics Different?

Our difference begins with what goes into our products – clean ingredients! And what stays out – anything that doesn’t nurture your optimal wellness.

Probulin Probiotics use a scientifically formulated delivery system called MAKTrek 3-D that ensures beneficial bacteria arrive alive in your gut. They are housed in a “seaweed submarine” that provides an extra barrier to keep them dry and protected longer, along with the Inulin needed so the bacteria have something to eat.

We’ve developed probiotic products for a range of different populations, including formulas for women and children! We also believe that good bacteria can help inside and out the gut.

Our line of skincare products with probiotic extracts is designed to support balance for healthier looking that’s smooth and glowing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We humans are a superorganism. A community of over 38 trillion microorganisms (mostly bacteria!) — our microbiome— live on and inside the body. Probiotics, when delivered effectively, help to​ support​ balance​ of​ the naturally occurring bacteria in different parts of the body. Learn more about how probiotics support digestive health.

Yes! Probiotics specifically formulated for kids are generally safe for them. It’s always a good idea to work with your child’s pediatrician when trying new products with your little ones. Some doctors recommend waiting until they are at least one year old before using a probiotic.

You can purchase Probulin Probiotics right here on our website! Our products are also available at Natural Grocers and Sprouts Farmers Market.

Nope. Take your probiotics with you on the go without worrying about having access to a fridge. All Probulin Probiotics are shelf-stable and protected to ensure optimal delivery when you’re ready for them.

There’s a misconception that more is better when it comes to probiotics. That’s not necessarily the case. Evidence suggests that anything over 10-20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) may be unnecessary, especially if delivered properly. This is the ideal range of colony-forming units (CFUs) we believe promotes maximum effectiveness in probiotics products. It’s best to take the recommended serving for your specific needs.

While it is true that Probulin probiotics do not require refrigeration after they arrive to you, the bacteria can’t survive extreme heat which they may experience during shipping. For this reason, we always ship our products cold and protected to ensure they are good to go when you receive them.

Digestive enzymes are critical to breaking down your foods so that the nutrients you eat can be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Some people struggle to break down foods that contain enzyme inhibitors, like beans, potatoes, wheat germ, eggs, and more. Digestive enzyme products can help this breakdown process, so your body absorbs more of the nutrients you need. Learn more about the benefits of taking digestive enzymes.

Can probiotic extracts really improve your skin? The answer is yes, as long as you apply the right kind. Microbes already live on your skin and play an important role in how your skin looks and stands up to environmental stresses. Our topical probiotic products contain probiotic extracts that may be able to support the skin’s natural renewal process, resulting in improved skin appearance. Here’s a deeper look at how probiotic skincare products work and how probiotics can help your skin.

Believe it or not, 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. (Weird, we know.) Probiotics assist your immune system in several key ways, including supporting your digestive system. For some people, their microbiomes can get out of whack, which can also affect their immune health. By helping to rebalance the microbiome, probiotics can support digestive health and immune health at the same time. Learn more about probiotics for your immune system.

Always Ship Cold + Protected

Our thermal insulation packaging liners are made of recycled cotton denim wrapped in robust, bio-based film.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Our environmentally friendly insulation material decomposes over time, helping minimize our impact on the environment.

Made With Recycled Materials

Our thermal insulation packaging liners are made with recycled cotton denim.

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