Women’s Health Probiotic Capsules

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● 12-Strain optimal probiotic blend for optimal potency
● 20 Billion CFU
● Probiotic with Prebiotic Inulin – food for the probiotic’s survival
● Third-Party Lab tested to ensure potency and stability
● Formulated by a board-certified doctor with 20+ years of experience
● Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required
● Vegan and manufactured without dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs

Does your digestive system feel out of balance sometimes?

Are you looking for a daily probiotic designed to target the specific needs of a woman’s body? Just like the gut, a person’s vaginal microbiome is home to billions of bacteria. It’s always a good idea to consult with a health care provider if there are any concerns about vaginal health such as vaginal yeast infections or urinary tract infections (UTIs). The Women’s Health Probiotic capsule helps to support vaginal flora and urinary tract health. If you’re looking for a daily probiotic for women, the Women’s Health Probiotic capsule is the one for you!

Proprietary delivery System Optimal Probiotic Blend Multi-strain for optimal potency Vegan

Benefits of Women’s Health Probiotic

  • Helps maintain healthy, balanced vaginal flora
  • Helps support healthy female urinary tract
  • Supports digestive health
  • May alleviate occasional gas and bloating
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut barrier
  • Supports healthy gut immune function
  • Supports healthy immunological response in the gastrointestinal tract

Who Is this for?

Probulin’s Women’s Health Probiotic capsules are formulated specifically for women and the specific needs and demands of a woman’s body. This vaginal flora and UTI probiotic offers broad-spectrum yet targeted support for women looking to support their overall digestive health on the daily. The Women’s Health Probiotic is gentle enough for everyday use and can support a person’s overall digestive and vaginal health.

How to Use

Adults can take one capsule daily with or without food to help support digestive health. For best results, take Women’s Health Probiotic at bedtime. There’s no need to refrigerate after opening, as our probiotics for women are shelf-stable. It’s always best to collaborate with a healthcare provider when taking any supplements or medications.

Why Buyers Are Choosing Women’s Health Probiotic Capsules

This is an excellent product

Works well I notice a definite difference in my body when I stop taking it, so now I make sure to take it everyday.

This product is amazing! It helps with digestion support. This probiotic has really helped!

I really struggled to find a probiotic that didn’t upset my stomach when being taken. It also helps my lady parts as well. My stomach has never felt more support!

Best probiotic I’ve ever tried. The quantity is a great value.

Take at night. Works well.

Today is my first time using the Probulin it really works first day and all ready it did what it says to do. I am so happy to have invested in this amazing product.

Good product and it came quickly

This product was recommended to me by an knowledgeable employee at a holistic market. I’ve been taking it for over a year now and just started my daughter on it as well. The product is well-tolerated and economical. Ordering and delivery is easy and fast! Highly recommend!

Daily probiotic. Works extremely well for me.


These came fast. I’ve taken these probiotics everyday for over a year. They work amazing for regulating the system. The price is great compared to other retailers.

Great products. They help me and I notice a complete difference on my digestive support. I really recommend this product to everyone.

Amazing product!

I just started taking them again. Back in the day when I would take them they seemed to help with balancing out some digestive support and helped with maintaining my weight. Hopefully these work the same.

In this day and age where we don’t consider the good health of our guts, I decided to put MY trust in Probulin!

I’ve tried a few different brands, this one seems to work the best. Feel balanced and clean.

I wish I had discovered these pills years ago!

Good price and arrived on time

These probiotics are the best I have ever tried. Seriously. They really help you get regular.

I have been using this for about a year now. Not only does it provide all it promises, it helps with your overall well-being. I take it every night (not morning) and it helps to stabilize my stomach support. I am a type 1 diabetic (autoimmune disease) and I notice a big difference when I’m not taking it. I have my husband taking the Probulin Colon Support one and have seen a significant change in him as well.

It’s the best probiotic it work

Great price for this product arrived quickly and fresh. Keeps me regular and I’m very happy with it!

This probiotic works better than other I have ever used!

This was great at keeping me balanced with my gut flora and overall health.

Have been feeling much better after taking these capsules for two months. I can notice a positive difference in my digestive system support. Will continue to use this brand of probiotics

So far so good. Have been taking for a week.

Good product, good price

Really effective. A lot of probiotics you can’t even notice a difference when you take them, but these I definitely can.

As expected.

It was very good at the beginning for me, but got better after.

I had digestion issues for over 10 years and just always said to myself that is the way it is just going to be. My best friend told me about this product and I wanted to write a review because I notice a complete difference. my stomach now has better support!

I tried two other brands prior to Probulin Women’s Health. Probulin worked best.

Great product and I really notice a difference. I like that it is made for a woman. I use it with the enzymes. I will continue to use this product always.

These are a must for any woman

Everything as expected.

Wife uses it and it works!

It definitely helps with our digestion support.

Great product!

Probably the best probiotic I’ve taken. Also nice that try don’t need refrigeration which makes them a good traveler.:)

Works great

the best recommended in store. Great for women. Love this product

the product works

I love this product, I just wish it didn’t cost so much. Really good for women.

Product is great. Shipping package was less than adequate!

Great price for the product. Use to buy at health food store, not anymore!

Great product.

great product! Love it

Best probiotic for women’s health.

Best women’s probiotic on the market and that is a fact. Even compared to Dr. Ohhira’s, and believe me I am critical when it comes down to probiotics. Created/formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor who delivers a truly reliable and effective product for the public, Probulin has undoubtedly become my favorite. 20 billion cpu per serving that will in fact survive stomach acid and make it down to the small intestines which is where they live and thrive. 🙂

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