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Probiotic Extract Day Cream


(8 customer reviews)
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Subscribe & Save 25% Off Your First Order
Save 25% on your first subscription order and up to 20% off all subsequent subscription orders.
Subscribe & Save 25% Off Your First Order
Save 25% on your first subscription order and up to 20% off all subsequent subscription orders.

  • Antioxidant-rich Sugar Maple Extract helps keep the skin looking healthy without dead skin buildup
  • Sugar Cane Extract packed with Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Orange and Lemon Extracts are antioxidant-rich and invigorating
  • Includes ProbuSkin, the scientifically studied probiotic Lysate, for brighter and healthier-looking skin
  • Lactococcus Ferment Lysate to support and keep the skin looking strong
  • Formulated by a board-certified doctor with 20+ years of experience
  • Manufactured without sulfates, GMOs, parabens, phthalates, glycol, synthetic fragrances
  • Our products are cruelty-free, having never been tested on animals.
  • Air travel compliant packaging

Probiotic Extract Day Cream
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It Does Wonders! Love this product! It does wonders!
Sandra Brooks
Love this Cream. I love this cream. Not too heavy but still thick enough to feel like your skin is quenched.
Kim Meendering
Never Felt Smoother! Been using for a few months now. My skin has never felt smoother! Will definitely buy again. 🙂

Are you looking for a daily probiotic extract face cream that leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not greasy? When you wash your face, it’s common for it to feel a little dried out. Now you can use the Probiotic Extract Day Cream to keep the skin hydrated. Simultaneously, the Sugar Maple Extract helps remove dead skin buildup. The addition of the probiotic ProbuSkin, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, gives this cream a powerful boost by helping to maintain healthy-looking skin. If you’re looking for a gentle face moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling smoother and is doing the powerful detoxifying work while you go about your day, the Probiotic Extract Day Cream is right for you.



Detoxifying Detoxifying and exfoliating for smoother skin
Minimize Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Refresh Helps with the removal of dead skin buildup
Conditions Conditions and hydrates the skin
Supports Supports the protective lipid barrier
Travel Friendly Air travel compliant packaging
How to Use

Every morning, dispense one pump and massage all over a clean face and neck. For best results, use Probulin® Probiotic Extract Facial Cleansing Gel, Probulin® Probiotic Extract Facial Serum, and Probulin® Probiotic Extract Marula Eye Cream before applying the Day Cream.

The Most Pampered Probiotics on the Planet

We Ship Cold: It may not sound like luxury to you, but your probiotics love it!
We Nourish, Protect and Hydrate Your Probiotics: This is the artful work of our MAKTrek 3‑D.

Cold & Protected Shipping

Heat is the chief enemy of probiotics, and delivery trucks can reach 150°F—easily hot enough to kill most probiotics. Unlike other brands, Probulin ships using eco-friendly insulation & on Enviro Ice so your probiotics are cold & protected the entire journey to your front door.
Ships Cold We ship every order of probiotics with Enviro Ice - a unique cold pack that can even be used as plant food.
Ships Protected Although our probiotics are shelf stable, delivery trucks can reach up to 150º on hot days.
Quality Guarantee Probulin probiotics arrive on your doorstep alive and ready to work, backed by a 45-day any-reason guarantee.
See it in action!
30 Seconds

MAKTrek3-D Our Specialized Delivery System Capsule

Protects + Nourishes your probiotics so they arrive alive
Nourishes Our Delivery System feeds your probiotics with prebiotics. Beneficial bacteria are well-fed and ready to work upon arriving to your gut.
Protects Our “Seaweed Submarine” protects against stomach acid by using a uniquely harvested extract of brown seaweed. This creates a secondary barrier to protect the beneficial bacteria.
Hydrates Like all living things, probiotic bacteria need hydration to survive. Our proprietary isotonic delivery hydrates your probiotics with vital electrolytes.
Who Is this for?

The Probiotic Extract Day Cream is for anyone who wants to deeply nourish their skin. Packed full of probiotic and potent fruit extract goodness, your skin will feel moisturized and cared for. Add the refreshing Probiotic Extract Day Cream to your morning routine and see the results for yourself.

Pamper Your Skin

Let the most pampered probiotic extracts on the planet pamper your skin. All Probulin skin care products are made with ProbuSkin, a beneficial probiotic lysate. This probiotic extract improves skin texture and supports the protective moisture barrier for healthier looking skin.

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Customer Reviews

(8 customer reviews)
  • Title of Review

    Great product. Makes my skin moisturized and smooth and I have no allergic reaction to it. My skin is sensitive

  • Title of Review

    Been using for a few months now. My skin has felt smoother!. Will definitely buy again. 🙂

  • Title of Review

    I totally agree with the last reviewer. I got all of the skin therapy products and they are all simply outstanding. The feeling on my skin is like nothing I have felt before. I feel like I can feel them working as I’m rubbing them into my skin. The day cream is maybe my favorite because of the way it feels when I put it on, but they are all amazing. I have used so many facial products and feel like I have finally found the ones I will use the rest of my life. Thank you!!

  • Title of Review

    I am one of those people who you might say is a little obsessed about skin care. I have tried so many skin care lines in my 49 years.
    First, let’s say I have many, many products and and can most certainly say this is awesome for sensitive skin (which is the one thing that I need before any benefits.)
    If it’s going to affect my skin because of its sensitivity, then, I can’t even think about taking the product.

    From the facial wash to the eye cream to the day or night cream -each one of these are rich and silky, emollient and was able to take off my makeup. It didn’t sit on the top of my skin but, quickly absorbed and yet regardless of if it was the end of the day or waking up in the morning my skin still felt moisturised and supple from whatever I applied.


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