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Daily Care Probiotic

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● 12-Strain optimal daily probiotic blend for optimal potency
● 10-Billion CFU
● With prebiotic Inulin – food for the probiotic’s survival
● Third-Party Lab tested to ensure potency & stability
● Formulated by a board-certified doctor with 20+ years of experience
● Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required
● Vegan and manufactured without dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs

Daily Care Probiotic
$28.99$53.99 or subscribe and save up to 20%

Probulin Is My Favorite! Probulin is my favorite probiotic! Always ships fast with this company and delivered on time.
Very Good but Gentle This probiotic is very good but gentle. I have used this brand for quite a while with good results.
Big Improvement I take this every day and have noticed a big improvement in my digestion support. I like this product a lot.

Does your digestive system feel out of balance sometimes?


Are you looking for digestive balance support that is easy-to-use and full of beneficial probiotics? The Daily Care Probiotic is precisely what you need if you’re looking for daily gut-health maintenance and support. When it comes to probiotics, more isn’t always better. When delivered properly, anything more than 10 to 20 billion CFU (colony forming units) may be unnecessary. With the Daily Care Probiotic, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re consuming a 12-strain probiotic blend with 10-billion CFU that always delivers properly hydrated and activated probiotics when the time is right, thanks to Probulin’s MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System. The probiotics are housed in a “seaweed submarine” that provides an extra barrier to keep them dry and protected from stomach acid and bile. If you’re looking to add a daily probiotic to your routine that supports gut health, the Daily Care Probiotic is the way to go.


Probulin probiotic Daily Care supplement facts - 60 count

Digestive Support Supports gut and digestive health
Comfort Supports alleviation of occasional gas and bloating
Maintain Helps maintain a healthy gut barrier
Immune Function Supports immune function
Quality With prebiotic Inulin – food for the probiotic’s survival
Travel Friendly Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required
How to Use

Adults can take one capsule daily with or without food to help support digestive health. For best results, take Daily Care Probiotic at bedtime. There’s no need to refrigerate after opening, as these are shelf-stable. It’s always best to collaborate with a healthcare provider when taking any supplements or medications.

The Most Pampered Probiotics on the Planet

We Ship Cold: It may not sound like luxury to you, but your probiotics love it!
We Nourish, Protect and Hydrate Your Probiotics: This is the artful work of our MAKTrek 3‑D.

Cold & Protected Shipping

Heat is the chief enemy of probiotics, and delivery trucks can reach 150°F—easily hot enough to kill most probiotics. Unlike other brands, Probulin ships using eco-friendly insulation & on Enviro Ice so your probiotics are cold & protected the entire journey to your front door.
Ships Cold We ship every order of probiotics with Enviro Ice - a unique cold pack that can even be used as plant food.
Ships Protected Although our probiotics are shelf stable, delivery trucks can reach up to 150º on hot days.
Quality Guarantee Probulin probiotics arrive on your doorstep alive and ready to work, backed by a 45-day any-reason guarantee.
See it in action!
30 Seconds

MAKTrek3-D Our Specialized Delivery System Capsule

Protects + Nourishes your probiotics so they arrive alive
Nourishes Our Delivery System feeds your probiotics with prebiotics. Beneficial bacteria are well-fed and ready to work upon arriving to your gut.
Protects Our “Seaweed Submarine” protects against stomach acid by using a uniquely harvested extract of brown seaweed. This creates a secondary barrier to protect the beneficial bacteria.
Hydrates Like all living things, probiotic bacteria need hydration to survive. Our proprietary isotonic delivery hydrates your probiotics with vital electrolytes.
Who Is This For?

The Daily Care Probiotic is for anyone wishing to add a probiotic to their daily routine. This probiotic includes prebiotics and the MAKTrek 3-D delivery system that ensures your probiotics arrive in the gut alive and support digestive health, balance, and immune function. The best part about Probulin probiotics is that they are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. So if you travel a lot or want to ensure your probiotics stay fresh, the Daily Care Probiotic will fit the needs of your lifestyle.

Pamper Your Gut

Let the most pampered probiotics on the planet pamper your gut. From the protective seaweed wrap that shields probiotics from stomach acid to the prebiotic fibers and electrolytes that keep your probiotics nourished and hydrated, each of our Probulin probiotics is pampered from the time we start to carefully craft your formula to the time it arrives on your doorstep in our Cold & Protected shipping.

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Customer Reviews

(20 customer reviews)
  • Title of Review

    The gold standard. I have taken this for two years and will never take anything else. The best probiotic there is and I feel a difference if I miss a day or two.

  • Title of Review

    Good for regularity

  • Title of Review

    I take this every day and have noticed a big improvement in my digestion support. I like this product a lot.

  • Title of Review

    This product is really good! I can feel the difference it has made…

  • Title of Review

    I have a dairy allergy and these are dairy free. My husband and I both take them. No refrigeration required with these so they travel well. The work wonderfully!!!!

  • Title of Review

    What’s not to love? Shelf stable and includes all the important bacteria strains for good gut health

  • Title of Review

    The best probiotic I’ve been able to find. A specialist at whole foods recommended it after a training in probiotics. Found an even better price for it here.

  • Title of Review

    I usually buy these locally. Works well for me. Saved quite a bit by buying 60 day supply online.

  • Title of Review

    It helped my husband

  • Title of Review

    Amazing product! Affordable, easy to take.

  • Title of Review

    Exactly as advertised and good price. Shipped quickly. Will use vendor again.

  • Title of Review

    Probulin is my favorite probiotic! Always ships fast with this company and delivered on time.

  • Title of Review

    This probiotic is very good but gentle. I have used this brand for quite a while with good results.

  • Title of Review

    Great Probiotic

  • Title of Review

    Great product

  • Title of Review

    I use this product for digestive support

  • Title of Review

    Amazing product. I honestly felt a difference within a day. I will continue to take this for as long as I live. Taking care of our gut is essential!

  • Title of Review

    This product is fabulous. I was very irregular and one each morning straightened my system out. I’d call it a miracle probiotic

  • Title of Review

    Purchased these pre-probiotics from a health food store first and liked them, this is a repeat purchase.

  • Title of Review

    Effective probiotic which is good value for the price.

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