Skin Therapy

Advanced Probiotic Skin Therapy

Probulin’s Probiotic Facial Therapy Line proudly includes the scientifically tested ProbuSkin® Technology including beneficial probiotic lysate.


You Can Feel The Difference

Probiotic bacteria supports the delicate ecosystem on your skin and supports healthier, firmer and more elastic skin. Your skin is exposed to harsh environmental factors every day. Using Probulin Skin therapy products provides your skin the support it needs to stay healthy and beautiful!

Premium, All-Natural Ingredients

Only the best probiotic strains and natural ingredients like Organic Aloe Vera, African Marula Oil and Organic Shea Butter make it into Probulin Skin therapy products.

Always Free From Harsh, Toxic Chemicals

Non-GMO, Sulfate Free, Glycol Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Never tested on Animals, Free of Synthtic Fragrances.

Probulin’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Probulin’s promises only the highest quality ingredients for your skin. If you are ever not satisfied, we will send you new product or refund your purchase.