The Next Generation of Digestive Probiotics

Probulin’s line of probiotic digestive enzymes support a healthy gut and overall wellness. Shop premium digestive enzymes supplements at Probulin.

Total Care Probiotic Line

The ultimate in digestive supplements. Probulin Total Care offers a premium blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains along with targeted ingredients for whole body health. Choose Total Care probiotic capsules for unparalleled support.

Original Formula

Top-notch everyday support that's ideal for long term gut-health maintenance. precisely what you want in a daily probiotic.

Digestive Enzymes

Daily digestive enzymes that really work. Probulin sources the highest quality, non-GMO enzymes to support optimal digestion of sometimes-hard-to-breakdown carbs, fats, and proteins. Support your nutrient absorption with digestive enzyme capsules from Probulin.

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Digestive Probiotics & Enzymes

Looking for digestive supplements that are clean, effective, and backed by science? Probulin® formulates live digestive probiotics and natural digestive enzyme capsules for optimal health.

Endless options in the supplement aisle can be overwhelming, so make sure you’re asking the right questions when choosing a probiotic. Key elements in an effective probiotic include prebiotic pairing, CFU potency, protective delivery systems, and cold storage or shipping.

That’s where we come in.

Total Care, Original Formula, and Digestive Enzymes offer broad-spectrum digestive support, as well as targeted care. Whether you’re new to digestive supplements or looking to try a different formula, Probulin offers superior ingredients, cutting-edge delivery, and thoughtful formulas you can feel good about taking.

Probulin combines premium quality probiotic bacteria with its scientifically formulated MAKTrek® 3-D Delivery System and Cold + Protected Shipping to ensure your probiotics arrive alive in your gut.

Woman picking up autoship deivery of Probulin products off her front porch

Digestive health supplements restore proper balance to your gut and many other systems in the body. Probulin digestive probiotic capsules contain a focused blend of clinically studied strains that support gut health, immune function, and healthier looking skin. Probulin also offers the best digestive enzyme supplements to promote proper digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.

Support optimal wellness with Probulin.

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