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Welcome to Probulin®, the Next Generation of Probiotics™. With premium quality probiotic bacteria and the advanced, scientifically formulated MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System, Probulin® provides affiliates a powerful and unique opportunity to earn cash!

How Does the Probulin® Affiliate Program Work?

Apply to the Program! It’s easy and fast. See Apply Now above.

Share banner ads, text ads, or content using your unique Probulin® Affiliate link we provide you.

Get 25% commission on every sale your ads and content produce on!

What We Provide You

We set you up for success by providing you the following:

  • An Affiliate link and special coupon codes just for Affiliates.
  • Unique images. banner ads, text ads, and approved content for your website, social accounts, emails, and more. Created only for use by Affiliates.
  • 90-Day cookie tracking.
  • Earnings paid on a regular schedule.
  • A complete Affiliate Guide with education, tips and talking points on Probiotics to help you create sales quickly!
  • 25% Commission to Affiliates.

About Probulin®

Probulin® uses only the very best in quality ingredients with cutting-edge technology to help ensure your digestive probiotics arrive alive to your gut, and your probiotic skincare is viable and healthy for your skin.

We are dedicated to making sure everything added to our formulas is safe and free of things that could potentially harm the body such as GMO’s, wheat, gluten, magnesium stearate, phthalates (used in enteric coating and delayed release capsules), and so much more.

Digestive Probiotics & Enzymes

Probulin® combines premium quality probiotic bacteria with its scientifically formulated MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System and Cold + Protected Shipping to ensure your probiotics arrive alive in your gut – where 70% of your immune system resides. Taking a probiotic every day can help maintain a healthy immune system.

Did you know more CFUs is not better?

It is the number of probiotic bacteria that actually survive the journey from Probulin’s® warehouse to the store, or your front door, and then the journey to your gut.

Probiotic Skincare

Probulin’s® Probiotic Facial Therapy Line proudly includes the scientifically tested ProbuSkin® Technology, including beneficial probiotic lysate.

You can feel the difference! Probiotic bacteria supports the delicate ecosystem on your skin, and supports healthier and brighter looking skin. Your skin is exposed to harsh environmental factors every day. Using Probulin® Skin Therapy products provides your skin the support it needs to stay healthy and beautiful!

Enjoy all six uniquely formulated products for your total skin care routine.

Ready to Get Started?


About Probulin’s® Affiliate Program

Can anyone be a Probulin® Affiliate?
  1. You must be 18 years old.
  2. You can promote from any country, but the sale must occur on and ship to a U.S. address.
  3. You must apply, and be approved as, a Probulin® Affiliate.
  4. You must use your unique Affiliate link to generate sales.
How much does it cost to be a Probulin® Affiliate?
There is no cost to join the Affiliate Program.
Do I need a website or social media account to be an Affiliate for Probulin®?
No. All you have to do is share your unique Probulin® Affiliate link with others. It can be on your website, social media account, or a blog. It can also be in a personal email or text message. Your unique link automatically tracks clicks and purchases.
Do I need to have technical or coding skills to be an Affiliate?
No, you just need to be able to share your unique Affiliate link.
Do I sign a contract or need to meet a requirement as a Probulin® Affiliate?
You will need to sign an Affiliate contract, but there are no production (sales) requirements.
Can I be an Affliate if I’m not in the U.S.?
Yes! Affiliates are allowed from all countries, but currently Probulin® ships product only to the United States, so all affiliate transactions need to be within the U.S.
Once approved, how do I access my tracking link?
You can access your tracking link from within your Affiliate dashboard.
Where do I get my Probulin® banner ads, test ads, and other creatives?
You will be able to access banners and other creative from within your dashboard.
Does a customer have to use my coupon code for me to receive credit?
No. But they do need to click on your ad to enable tracking. As long as the buyer uses your unique tracking link, you receive your commission! The coupon code should help a higher percentage of visitors convert to buyers, but it is not required to receive a commission.
How long is the pixel live once it is clicked? For example, If someone clicks my link and goes to but does not purchase, but they revisit the site later and purchase, will I get credit for that sale after their first visit?
Yes, you will, if the visitor comes back within 90 days and makes a purchase after their initial visit.
Can I see my sales and what commissions I have earned?
Yes, you will be able to see the sales and commissions you have earned within your dashboard.
How often will I receive commission payments?
Affiliates are paid on a regular schedule.
What is one of my sales does not appear in my dashboard?
If a sale does not appear, you can reach out to our support team that will assist you.

For further questions or information, email us at for more details.

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