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The Next Generation of Digestive Probiotics

Does your digestive system occasionally feel out of balance or irregular? Do you feel bloated and gassy? Probulin® has made it possible to maximize your digestive health!**
Does your digestive system occasionally feel out of balance or irregular? Probulin® has made it possible maximize your digestive health!**
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Multi-strain Total Gut Health Support


Scientifically Formulated MAKTrek® 3-D Delivery System


What Can Negatively Affect Your Digestive System?

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A diet lacking important macro nutrients such as fiber found in fruits and vegetables make it difficult for the living bacteria in the digestive system to survive. This important fiber is often referred to as a Prebiotic which is the food they eat.

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Ingesting various chemicals can disrupt the balance of healthy bacteria.

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Insufficient Water

Like any living thing water is key to survival.

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Lifesytle Habits

Tobacco products, alcohol consumption, and many other choices may influence digestive health among other things.

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Emotional health is of great importance to overall health. Research suggests that occasional stress and sleeplessness may affect the digestive environment.

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Environmental Exposure

Often we are exposed to things like chlorine & fluoride, and many other elements in our environment, and this may have an impact on digestive health.

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No GMOs No gluten No wheat No shellfish No dairy No soy No eggs No artificial flavors No artificial colors No artificial sweeteners No magnesium Stearate
Working out

Research Shows Probiotics May…

Alleviate occasional gas & bloating**
Support better digestion & gut health**
Support immune health & overall well-being**
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How Do You Choose the Best Probiotic?


Prebiotics Included

You want your probiotic to include a PREbiotic fiber. PREbiotics, like Inulin, are food for the probiotics and necessary for their survival.


More is not Always Better

Taking more billions CFU (colony forming units) is NOT necessarily more effective. Evidence suggest more than 10-20 billion CFU may be unnecessary, especially if delivered properly.


Delivery Is Critical

Effective delivery of probiotics to the gut is significantly more important than the CFU count. This is why Probulin® uses the scientifically validated MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System.

All Probulin® Digestive Probiotics Ensure Optimal Delivery & Survival in the Gut

Stomach Acid Protection

Using a uniquely harvested extract of brown seaweed, we have created a secondary barrier to protect the beneficial probiotic bacteria. We like to refer to this as our Seaweed Submarine. Even after the probiotic powder is exposed to 1.5pH stomach acid for 60 minutes, the probiotic bacteria inside the Seaweed Submarine are still dry and protected.


Isotonic Delivery/Protection

Before activation, the beneficial probiotic bacteria are in a dormant state. These bacteria are activated by exposure to moisture, but once active, they can over-hydrate and die. Using our proprietary isotonic delivery step, we achieve activation with a more balanced hydration. This supports higher survival rates in probiotic bacteria.

Environmental Safeguards

All strains of probiotic bacteria used in Probulin® probiotics are resistant to many pressures created by environmental exposure to common everyday elements.

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The MAKTrek® 3-D three-step system has scientifically demonstrated an ability to ensure a greater number of surviving beneficial probiotic bacteria — beyond other probiotic delivery systems.


What ingredients are in Probulin® Digestive Probiotics?