Why the Hype Around Probiotic Skin Care?

Why the Hype Around Probiotic Skin Care?

Beauty editors have been buzzing about bacteria. New probiotic-based skincare products have been popping up on shelves worldwide. Why? Because people are discovering that probiotics may help skin look better.

What are probiotics?

The public has been learning about probiotics—“good” bacteria—since Jamie Lee Curtis started pushing Yogurt products more than a decade ago. The helpful microbes are naturally found in fermented foods and beverages like yogurt and kombucha, or taken via supplements. The benefits of bugs have been ballyhooed for good reason as more and more research ties gut health to overall health and immune health.

Are the probiotics in topical skin care lotions and spritzes the same as the probiotics in digestive health products? Yes. While different strains may be used to help the skin’s appearance in different ways (just as different strains are used to support digestion, women’s health, immune health, etc.), we’re talking about the same helpful microbes.

You’ve got more than one microbiome

You may know about the trillions of bacteria residing in your gut. But did you know that microbiological community is not the only one in your body? Trillions of microbes live on and in your skin. Before you rush off to give yourself a Purell facial, relax. These natural bacteria are critical to the way your skin looks, functions and adapts to environmental stressors.

The essential bacteria in your skin’s microbiome helps your skin’s appearance against environmental stressors. They also help regulate pH levels and maintain hydration. That helps keep your skin looking brighter, healthier and youthful.

Unfortunately, life is not always kind to our skin’s microbiome (nor to our gut microbiome for that matter). Lots of things can influence the balance of “good” bacteria. These include soaps and facial scrubs which can lead to dryness and flakey skin.

How topical probiotics help

Recent scientific research has revealed the link between topical probiotics and healthier, brighter looking skin. Because delicate probiotics are tricky to keep alive in skincare products, formulators use probiotic lysates to deliver the benefits. A lysate is a biologic preparation made by breaking down the probiotic’s cell walls. The resulting fluid contains those walls, bacteria and compounds like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and other compounds with moisturizing effects.

Probulin uses ProbuSkin® Probiotic Technology, a unique scientifically studied probiotic lysate. Human and in-vitro research suggests that one way it helps skin is by supporting the skin’s natural renewal process. In this process, the skin sloughs away old skin cells and leaves skin looking healthy.

Scientific studies on humans have also suggested that the topical use of these unique probiotic lysates can act as moisturizers, revitalizing skin and helping it “glow.” These lysates may even help support the skin’s lipid barrier, suggests the science. This barrier helps maintain skin’s appearance from the effects of sun and pollution.  It also helps keep moisture in, helping skin look more firm and radiant.

The buzz about probiotic-based topical skin care is not just hype—it’s about real help for healthier and brighter looking skin.

Learn more about how Probulin Probioic Skin Therapy and Blemish 3 Step System featuring ProbuSkin® have been scientifically formulated to support deeply moisturized, healthier and brighter looking skin.

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