Probiotics for your skin

Does your facial skin feel a little dryer that it used to? Do you want to revive that bright glow you once had? Do you want healthier looking skin? Probulin® Probiotic Skin Therapy featuring ProbuSkin® has been scientifically formulated to support deeply moisturized, healthier and brighter looking skin.

Supports Skin Condition

Supports Skin Texture

Healthier & Brighter Looking Skin

Protective Lipid Barrier

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The skincare challenge

We have identified six main factors that play a significant role in making it hard to maintain the brighter, healthier looking, and more deeply moisturized skin you want.

Sun Damage

The harmful rays of the sun can cause damage to the skin especially in cases of over and prolonged exposure.


Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can dry and damage the skin.

Environmental Exposure

Exposure to normal everyday issues such as water and air pollution.

Lack of Proper Moisture

If the skin lacks proper moisture it leaves the skin vulnerable to damage.

Topical Chemicals

Topical Chemicals

Common to many of the lotions and other topical products available on the market, you will find chemicals that are harmful to the skin such as parabens, glycols, pthalates just to name a few.


Poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, lack of proper hydration, over exposure to the sun may all cause damage to the skin and body as a whole

Probulin probiotic skin therapy, Probuskin probiotic technology

Recent scientific research has revealed the link between topical probiotics and healthier & brighter looking skin. ProbuSkin® Probiotic Technology uses a unique scientifically studied probiotic lysate to act as a skin protectant as well as to support brighter and healthier skin.

May Support The Natural Skin Renewal Process

Human and invitro scientific research suggests that this unique probiotic lysate may support the body’s own natural, topical skin renewal process (called Desquamation). Supporting this process may help to keep skin brighter and healthier looking.

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Probulin probiotic skin therapy, skin protection

May Support Improved Skin Protection

Human scientific research has indicated that the topical use of these unique probiotic lysates act as skin protectants that may protect from environmental factors that lead to dry and damaged skin.

Supporting the Protective Lipid Barrier

Scientific evidence suggests that the use of these special probiotic lysates may even aid in the support of the skin’s protective lipid barrier.

Probulin probiotic skin therapy, lipid barrier
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Brighter & Healthier Looking Skin

In addition to our ProbuSkin® Probiotic Technology, we add many important ingredients to support healthier and brighter looking skin, including Organic Aloe Vera, Marula Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Fruit and Botanical extracts, and Jojoba.

Key Ingredients in Probulin® Probiotic Skin Therapy

Beneficial probiotic bacteria has been studied for its ability to support healthier looking skin and setting the stage for visibly brighter skin.

Naturally possesses valuable nutrients for the skin, as well as aiding in the support of moisture balance of the skin.

Jojoba is a nutrient oil that is very similar to the sebum of human skin and has deeply moisturizing and soothing properties that may soften the skin.

A deeply nourishing oil derived from the Marula Seed and has been shown to contain higher skin moisturizing fatty acid and skin brightening antioxidant content than Argan oil. Also referred to as African Gold All of our Marula oil is obtained through Fair Trade practices.

Derived from the seed of the African Shea Tree. Its moisturizing properties have been studied for supporting skin texture.

A natural gel obtained from the Fig has amazing hydration properties that may also refresh, soften an sooth the skin.

Contains naturally occurring & gentile alpha hydroxy acids important for skin support.

Nutrient dense extract that may improve the appearance of skin tone.

Derived from the rind of the lemon and its compounds possess skin refreshing elements.

Loaded with powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, Bilberry helps calm the appearance of skin.

This is a NON-granular and NON-abrasive sugar extract that contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids that may support healthier looking and brighter skin.