Always Ships Cold + Protected

Woman receiving Probulin probiotics from delivery man

Always Ships Cold + Protected

All Probulin® Probiotic Digestive Products are shipped using our trademarked Always Ships Cold + Protected shipping method. 

Why does Probulin ship your product to the health food store or to your door packed in ice? If your probiotic product dies from excessive heat (the #1 cause of death of probiotic bacteria prior to consumption) prior to consumption, it does no good for you. It’s critical to the survival of your probiotic, and Probulin is proud to be one of the only probiotic companies to ship on ice.

Here’s why we do it:

  • Delivery trucks can experience temperatures in excess of 150 degrees in the cargo area. Probiotics exposed to those extreme temperatures can die, prior to ever reaching your front door or the health food store.  Learn more about how Probulin avoids the perilous dangers of delivering probiotics via delivery trucks. (All probiotics are delivered by delivery trucks).
  • If your digestive probiotic product has not “arrived alive” to your front door or the health food store, it has no chance of surviving the perilous journey through your stomach to your digestive tract where it will thrive and support your immune system. When your product arrives alive to your door, then the proven MAKTrek® 3-D delivery system can work to ensure your probiotics survive the digestive acids in your stomach and make it safely into your gut. (Probulin is the only company that uses MAKTrek® 3-D technology).

We are still able to keep the cost of Probulin low because we can guarantee all your probiotics arrive alive in your gut. Other companies need to load theirs with billions more of expensive probiotics in the hopes that some will make it through. That extra, inefficient cost is passed along to you.

Look for your Cold + Protected™ packaging when your next product is delivered to you!

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