What To Expect When Taking a Probiotic Supplement for Overall Support

There are trillions of bacteria living in your gut. Certain bacteria are considered good and actually beneficial for digestive health, but there are also harmful bacteria that may wreak havoc inside your gut. One way to help counter the potential negative effects of these harmful bacteria is to take a probiotic supplement. 

Probiotics play an important role because when they enter your system, millions of beneficial bacteria are released in your gut. This good bacteria can in turn help support digestive health, gut immune function and may also help alleviate occasional gas and bloating.

If you are thinking of supporting your gut health by taking a probiotic, here are some things you should know.

What to Expect When You Start Taking a Probiotic?

While rare, when you first start taking probiotics, you may experience some discomforting symptoms. To understand why this may happen, it’s important to understand how probiotics work. 

When these beneficial bacteria enter your body they begin by multiplying and taking space in your intestine, which creates less room for the harmful bacteria to live. As these bad bacteria are released from the body, it can feel as though the body is doing a mini cleanse.  

During this process some people may experience mild (and temporary) abdominal discomfort, bowel changes, bloating and gas. To lessen any temporary discomforts, it’s recommended to drink as much water as you can to flush your system. 

If you are experiencing any of these mild adjustments do not give up on probiotics. Bacterial flora will take some time to adjust within your gut. 

After your body is adjusted with the flora you should start to experience the true benefits of probiotics.

What Are the Gains of Taking Daily Probiotics?

Probiotics offer a simple and easy way to support overall digestive health. They help maintain a healthy gut barrier and aid the colon and small intestines. Probiotics may also help alleviate occasional gas, bloating and irregularity. But that’s not all. Probiotics also provide support for healthy gut immune function and immunological response in the gastrointestinal tract.  

When selecting a probiotic supplement, be sure to choose one that contains both Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli Bacteria. Bifidobacteria are beneficial probiotic bacteria that live primarily in the large intestines and have been studied in the area of support for challenges such as occasional loose bowels and constipation. Lactobacilli primarily live in the small intestines, with the most well-known bacteria being Acidophilous which has been studied in areas like immune support. 

So why else take a high-quality probiotic supplement? There are two other reasons some might consider daily probiotic support.

Support for Weight Management

You read that right. Taking daily probiotics may support your efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Even better is to find a trustworthy third-party tested brand that adds ingredients specifically for more weight management support. Here at Probulin, we add WellTrim® iG, an African Mango Extract called Irvingia gabonensus, IGOB131 to our TimSynergy Probiotic, one of our best probiotic blends, as well as Sensoril®, and Ashwagandha extract. These two ingredients add that little something extra for those looking for extra support with weight management. And thanks to the African Mango Seed Extract, this probiotic may help support appetite and support a healthy metabolism to aid in weight management. 

Immune Function Support

With more than 70% of your immune system stemming from your gut health, it’s no wonder supporting overall digestive wellness may also support healthy immune function, too. 

We hope you found this helpful! As probiotic enthusiasts, we want everyone to look and feel their very best, and we’re big believers that a balanced microbiome is a great first step. If you have any questions about probiotics, or about Probulin products in general, we’d love to connect. You can reach us via our contact us page, or feel free to email us here

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