Understanding Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics

PRObiotics!  We’ve all heard of them and probably use them in one way shape or form these days.  They come in the form of dietary supplements ( probiotic capsules) that are easily taken, but you can also find them in food products like chocolates, food bars, powder-enhanced yogurt and so much more.  Why have they become so popular?

What is  a PRObiotic?  

A dictionary describes a PRObiotic as a microorganism (such as a Lactobacilli or Bifidobacteria) that, when consumed as a food or dietary supplement, helps maintain and support beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

The World Health Organization refers to PRObiotics as microorganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, infer a benefit to the host.  One key point is that taking higher doses (more billions) of PRObiotics does not necessarily mean that they will actually work better.

These two definitions both illustrate an important – PRObiotics support our health and survival because, without proper balance of these beneficial PRObiotic organisms, we cannot maintain optimal health.

PRObiotics have been linked, by countless clinical studies, to supporting immune health, motility function, proper digestion of the food we eat, and so much more.  The better your digestive environment functions the healthier you may be.

What is a PREbiotic?

All living things do require nourishment, and so do PRObiotic bacteria.  Have you heard of a PREbiotic? A PREbiotic is a fraction of soluble fiber that is a food source for the PRObiotics.  You may have heard how important fiber is in the diet. Well, the fact that PRObiotic bacteria need this PREbiotic fiber as a food source is a big reason for this importance.  If PREbiotics are properly nourished, then they are healthier. And their health is important to your health.

What is a POSTbiotic?

Now comes a new term.  Have you ever heard of a POSTbiotic?  This amazing term completes the third leg of the stool when it comes to optimal digestive health.  A POSTbiotic can be defined as the compounds that are created by PRObiotics as they live and thrive in the digestive system.  

These POSTbiotic compounds created by the PRObiotics may include such things as:

  • Vitamins like Vitamin K and B-12
  • Amino Acids
  • Bacteriocins (compounds that support healthy organisms)
  • Short Chain Fatty acids (that can become nourishment to the body and help to promote beneficial probiotic bacteria in the body)
  • Other Organic Acids and metabolites that support overall health
  • And so much more

PRE-, PRO-, and POSTbiotics Together

When you are looking for a PRObiotic, it is vital to make sure that it contains a PREbiotic & a PRObiotic with a scientifically validated delivery system such as the MAKTrek 3-D Probiotic Delivery system. If you really want to step it up and make sure that your PRObiotic will be effective, make sure that it not only contains the PREbiotic, PRObiotic, and beneficial delivery system, but also POSTbiotics.

Probulin’s Total Care Probiotic is a great choice for those who seek PRE-, PRO-, and POSTbiotics together. Live a healthy and more balanced you by making a well formulated PRObiotic part of your daily routine.


The Total Care Family

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