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Always Ships Cold + Protected

At Probulin, we're protective of our probiotics, the health of our customers, and also the planet. Making sure your probiotics don't die in transit is really important - and so is being kind to the Earth.
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What's the secret to a more effective probiotic?

It's simple (but it isn't easy): deliver the cultures alive and healthy all the way from the manufacturer to your gut. Dead probiotics don't do as much good, and probiotics that are subjected to extreme temperatures in shipping, or to the acids in your stomach, easily weaken and die.

Not only does Probulin ship all probiotics insulated and on ice, but our probiotics are specifically designed to survive the treacherous journey to your gut. In other words, we protect your probiotics both inside the body and out - so they arrive in your gut alive and ready to work.

Women holding shipment of probiotics

Ever wonder why your Probulin order comes all bundled up, with insulation and an ice pack?

There's a really good reason we ship the way we do, and it's all about making sure your probiotics arrive alive and ready to work. Probiotics are living creatures, and they're pretty fragile. Too much heat can easily kill them.

The delivery truck.

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The back of a delivery truck can reach 150° - that's hot enough to kill most probiotics. Probiotics exposed to those extreme temperatures can die, prior to ever reaching your front door.

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Cold + Protected

We only ship our live probiotics in a box with insulation and an ice pack to ensure they stay in a safe temperature zone, no matter what happens inside the delivery truck. Once received, they’re fine to leave out - no refrigeration required.

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We know that's a lot of packaging - but we do it for you!

Our environmentally friendly insulation material decomposes over time, helping minimize our impact on the environment. Not only are our ice packs reusable, they're also the only ice pack that doubles as plant food! Making sure your probiotics don't die in transit is really important - and so is being kind to the Earth.