Total Care Probiotic Capsules

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● 15-Strain optimal probiotic blend for optimal potency
● 20 Billion CFU
● Probiotic strains are in part derived from fruit and vegetable fermentation
● Probiotic with Prebiotics and Postbiotics
● Third-Party Lab tested to ensure potency and stability
● Formulated by a board-certified doctor with 20+ years of experience
● Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required
● Vegan and manufactured without dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs

Does your digestive system feel out of balance sometimes?

Total Care Probiotic is your one-stop-shop for a probiotic that supports total gut health. This 15-strain probiotic blend is designed for optimal potency and contains 12 Billion CFU plus 8 Billion CFU from fermented fruits and vegetables, adding up to 20 Billion CFUs total in each capsule. Total Care Probiotic capsules provide broad-spectrum support of your digestive and immune function. Every product is tested to ensure potency and safety. Total Care Probiotic stands out in a saturated market because of its MAKTrek 3-D Delivery System, shelf stability (no refrigeration required!), and incorporation of both pre-and postbiotics. Why do prebiotics and postbiotics matter? Prebiotics supply the food to keep the probiotics alive and healthy. Postbiotics are unique compounds that are produced by probiotic activity and support a healthy gut.

Proprietary delivery System Optimal Probiotic Blend Multi-strain for optimal potency Vegan

Benefits of Total Care Probiotic

  • Supports digestive health
  • May alleviate occasional gas and bloating
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut barrier
  • Supports healthy gut immune function
  • Supports healthy immunological response in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Provides support of the Colon as well as the small intestines.

Who Is this for?

Total Care Probiotic is for anyone looking to support their total digestive health and immune function, with the added benefit of both prebiotics and postbiotics. If you struggle with occasional gas, bloating, and irregularity, this probiotic capsule may be designed for you. It is shelf-stable, making it a great probiotic option for those who travel and don’t have access to refrigeration all the time.

How to Use

Adults can take one capsule daily with or without food to help support digestive health. For best results, take Total Care Probiotic at bedtime. There’s no need to refrigerate after opening, as these are shelf-stable. It’s always best to collaborate with a healthcare provider when taking any supplements or medications.

Why Buyers Are Choosing Total Care Probiotic Capsules

I am already having results… I’ve tried a bunch of different probiotics in the past but none of them worked for me.

Got these for my daughter she says she’s been taking these for about a week and loves them!

I’ve been on this particular brand for a few months now – trying it out before we went on vacation so we didn’t need to worry about refrigeration – and it’s worked better for me than the other. I’ve had the healthiest stomach support I’ve had in a while.

Overall I am very pleased with this probiotic and happy to have found it.

Love this product!

Recommended by a good friend, I’ve only been taking this for a week at bedtime and it has already helped. Would recommend.

This is the best probiotic product I have tried.

Great product!

I have been looking for a probiotic that also has prebiotics included. This one has both!

Great results!

Couldn’t be happier! Everything arrived just as expected!

I’ve tried a few probiotics and none of them worked for me. These worked!


I have used this product for a year.

This product works for me.

I have used this product for a year. I was advised by my doctor to take a probiotic.

Love this product. Very happy with my purchase!

Fast delivery!

Love this!

Great product!

Gave this to my sister. She seems to love it!

So happy I found this!


These work a lot better for me than any other brand that I’ve tried.


Tried a lot of probiotics. Love this one.

Good probiotic.

I have been taking probiotics for 15 years. I started taking Total Care about a year ago, and I am staying with it for the rest of my life. I have always believed in probiotics, and have felt they have helped me over the years. But when I learned of Probulin’s delivery system, and that they ship their product on ice (seems like companies used to do it but stopped. For me, it is important and I was really glad I found Probulin that does that).

The ultimate proof for me, though, was how well the product worked.

Highly recommended.


I have been using Total Care for several months and love that it has a prebiotic and postbiotic. I’ve also tried taking it before bedtime, and believe it’s making a difference for me!

This is the best probiotic product I have tried.

This probiotic seems to be the best one for me and I have used several.

This probiotic seems to be the best one for me and I have used several.

I have been looking for a probiotics that also has prebotics included. This one has both!


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