The Nourishing Effects of Marula Oil

In the lovely Miombo woodlands in southern Africa grows a modest tree called the Marula. It’s related to both mangos and cashews. Inside the fleshy, tart fruit lies the stone, which is rich in marula oil — an incredibly nourishing oil that has been used by women for millenia to keep their skin looking healthy.

So, what makes marula oil so unique?

Antioxidant Properties

Marula oil is loaded with tocopherols, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats (important omegas). These contain antioxidant properties that women in Southern Africa have used for centuries as a way to nourish and reviatlize their skin.

Marula oil is known for having 30% higher skin moisturizing omega fatty acids, and 17% more skin brightening antioxidant properties, than Argan oil.

The oil has a fragrant floral, nutty aroma that is refreshing, yet subtle.

Helps Your Skin Face the Elements

Marula oil has been known to reduce harm to the skin caused by prolonged exposure. Marula oil’s properties soak into your skin, protect against environmental exposure, and support healthy looking skin.

May Reduce Skin Challenges  

As we age, our skin’s needs change. New problems develop such as dryness. Marula oil has essential fatty acids that provide excellent moisturizing for your skin — all while also supporting your skin’s elasticity.

Probulin’s Probiotic Marula Eye Cream & Night Cream

These many impressive qualities of Marula oil are why we’ve chosen to include it in our probiotic eye cream and Night Cream, along with our scientifically validated ProbuSkin® beneficial probiotic lysate. This supports skin conditioning, healthier looking skin, and improves skin texture all while offering incredible hydration and moisture. Probulin is highly selective and specifically uses only the highest quality Marula Oil available in our eye cream.

We believe you will love the way it makes your skin feel. Probulin’s Probiotic Skin Therapy products provide care and support for all phases of your day, and all needs for your skin.

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