UnHappy Tummies = Tantrums

Fortunately, There’s a Way to Support Your Little One’s Digestive & Immune Health With a Tasty 3-in-1 Chewable Probiotic Parents Trust and Kids Love!

Pop Quiz: Recognize These “Holes” In Your Picky Eater’s Digestive & Immune Health?

If one or more of these answers is a “yes!”… keep reading…

Supporting Balance (and the Peace) May Be Possible…

Most parents of picky eaters know the drill:

The red-faced meltdowns over veggies…

Pleading and negotiating to get them to eat something other than junk food…

Even giving in to their demands just to have a nice, peaceful meal…

It’s a constant battle where nobody wins.


Because you know they’re not getting the fiber and nutrients they may need for a healthy digestive and immune system1 2, and it’s just a matter of time until those occasional tummy troubles rear their ugly head…

Tummy troubles like:

Occasional gas and bloating

Occasional irregularity

And sometimes even straining to go to the bathroom...

Sound familiar?

Of course, it’s hard to watch your little one get stuck in a cycle of refusing the very foods that could soothe their occasional (but no less frustrating) tummy troubles…
But it may not be their fault, and supporting their occasional digestive issues may be as easy as one simple addition to their diet3.
First, there’s one big difference grown-ups need to understand…
Is It a “Bad Attitude”, Or Just “Bad Bugs”?

Believe it or not, our gut has more to do with our food choices than we think…


Like any adult, kids have a “gut microbiome” made up of trillions of living bacteria that are like “little bugs” – good and bad.


Also much like adults, the gut microbiome may influence dietary choices.


Since all those good and bad “bugs” are alive in our gut, they’re trying to survive, too.

And, since the gut and brain are very closely connected (the “gut-brain” axis”), the gut may have major pull when it comes to the foods we crave4.

Here’s How It Works…

Good bacteria
(the “good bugs”)

typically thrive on a healthy diet full of nutrients and fiber, so they want more “good stuff” to keep themselves repopulating in the gut.

The bad bacteria?

Well, these “bad bugs” thrive on sugar and other carbs and additives and they want more “bad stuff” to keep themselves repopulating in the gut, too5.

It’s like a battle in our gut!

Even adults can attest to how difficult it can be to resist those cravings and deal with the consequences…


Ever struggled to get back on track after binging on carbs or sweets? Or maybe even felt a little cranky yourself after waking up with occasional digestive issues after pizza night?

The same thing may be happening with your “picky eater”.

But help is on the way…

When The “Good Bugs” Win, So Does Their Health

The good news is, some research shows supporting the balance between good and bad bacteria in your little one’s gut may help:

May Soften their cravings for junk food and sweets, which may make it easier to introduce new, healthier foods6

May help with occasional tummy troubles like gas, bloating, and irregularity7

And may even support a strong immune system8

In a perfect world, they’d get more “good bacteria” from foods like fruits, vegetables, unsweetened yogurt, and fermented foods9 10…


But try telling that to your picky eater!

Fortunately, There’s a Much Easier Way to Feed Their Gut the “Good Bugs” It May Need…

Just One Capsule Before Bedtime Is All It Takes to Manage Bloating, Gas, and Irregularity!*

Formulated by board certified Naturopathic Doctor Jason Mitchell and Dr. Shekhar Challa, a prominent gastroenterologist, founder of Kansas Medical Clinic, and award winning author of Probiotics For Dummies

Probulin® My Little Bugs™ Total Care Probiotic For Kids delivers the “good bugs” they may need with a unique, doctor-formulated combination of broad-spectrum digestive support.


Each bottle contains delicious, fun, bug-shaped chewable tablets even picky eaters love!


These yummy, watermelon-flavored chewables include probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics that help tummy-soothing bacteria flourish.*

Arrives “alive” in their gut with our MAKTrek® 3-D Delivery System

Packed with 3 Billion cfu† + 2 Billion cfu† from fermented fruits + vegetables per chewable tablet

Contains 15 broad spectrum probiotic strains

Does NOT contain magnesium stearate, an other unnecessary processing

Shelf stable

Includes fun bug stickers inside each package!

“Sugar Free” with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

Great for picky eaters

Made with fermented fruits and veggies

Always ships cold + protected

“Both of my children take My Little Bugs every evening. They even remind us when we forget – ‘we need our probiotic!’ We are very pleased with this product and know it is supporting their digestive health!”

Michele, Probulin Customer

Unlike Some Probiotics, Probulin’s Gentle Formula Stays “Alive” So It Can Support Your Picky Eater’s Gut

Tried probiotics with your picky eater before and weren’t impressed?


What matters most is the number of probiotics that survive and arrive “alive” in your little one’s digestive tract.


With our exclusive MAKTrek 3-D probiotic delivery system, the live beneficial bacteria in each chewable probiotic tablet have additional protection, fed, and hydrated so your child gets the most out of every gentle delicious chewable tablet*.

What’s In Each Capsule?

Our science-backed MAKTrek 3-D delivery system feeds your child’s probiotics with prebiotics.


Yes, probiotics need to eat to stay alive!11


That means beneficial bacteria are well-fed and ready to work upon arriving in your child’s digestive system*.

Each delicious chewable tablet contains 3 billion cfu + 2 billion cfu from fermented fruits and vegetables, providing broad spectrum support to the microbiome*..

“Postbiotics” are the unique compounds produced by probiotics.


These may be what is responsible for the more noticeable effects of probiotics and keep the gut primed to continue the prebiotic-probiotic cycle12.


The Best Part? My Little Bugs™ Is Formulated With Ingredients You Can Trust

Brown Seaweed

We use uniquely harvested Brown Seaweed to form a “Seaweed Submarine” around the beneficial bacteria, which protects the valuable probiotics from stomach acid and bile*.

Electrolytes & Minerals

Important electrolyt​e minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium create an isotonic (“balanced”) water environment to support survival on the way to the digestive tract*..

Lactobacilli Bacteria

Lactobacilli Bacteria are important beneficial probiotic bacteria that support balance in the gut for digestive support as well as immune function.


Bifidobacteria help digest dietary fiber,, and promote the production of vitamins and other important chemicals13. That could mean less issue with occasional gas and bloating and helpful support of the immune system*.

What’s NOT In My Little Bugs™ Matters Too…
You’ll never find any…
See How Probulin® My Little Bugs™ Total Care Probiotic Compares to Other Popular Brands

Includes prebiotics & postbiotics

Contains a broad spectrum of probiotic strains

Does not include magnesium stearate

Science-backed delivery system

Made with fruits and veggies

No soy, wheat, or dairy

Always shipped cold + protected

Probulin® My Little Bugs™

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic 3 Billion

Culturelle® Kids Purely Probiotics Chewables

Ready to Help Your Picky Eater Win the “Battle of the Bugs”?

You could keep letting your picky eater’s occasional bloating, gas, indigestion, and irregularity be challenging…


Or you could try Probulin® My Little Bugs™ Total Care Probiotic for 90 days and see how you like it. Many parents will notice a difference in their child’s digestive health– and many will notice their picky eaters love the fun, new addition to their bedtime routine!


And if you’re one of the few parents who don’t see a change, we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked.

Limited-Time Offer:
Stock Up and Save So Your Little One Never Skips a Month of the Digestive Support They May Need



Best value for big families or ongoing support!


… Just $19.99 Per Bottle!


Best value for big families or ongoing support!


… Just $21.99 Per Bottle!


These probiotics are considered safe for children ages 4 and up.  As with all supplements for children, they should only be used under parental supervision.

When shipping by USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground, shipping time will vary based on the “ship to” destination. Please allow 2-5 business days.

Shelf life is up to 2 years from the manufacturing date on your bottle.

Approximately 70% of our immune activity resides in the gut. When the gut  needs support  due to processed foods, occasional stress, and other internal or external factors, the “good bacteria” that supports the immune system. Probiotics help bacteria in your gut support the immune system .

Our product does contain Non-GMO rice Matodextrin, which helps provide a slow, steady release of energy into the bloodstream. This is a “cleaner” alternative to conventional Maltodextrin.

Most will see an improvement, however, not all children need the same amount or strains of probiotics. If you don’t see an improvement within 30 days, please reach out to us for a full refund.

Each bottle contains 30 chewable tablets.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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