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Our Health Mission

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Dedicated To The Health of The Body

Probulin® is a company intently focused on whole body health, and more specifically, maintaining the health of the digestive system. We believe that optimal wellness starts in the gut. Probiotics could possibly be the next essential vitamins category due to the overwhelming evidence of how they support the digestive system and the immune function of the body. It is our desire to offer comprehensive support to the digestive system. It is our hope that our products live up to this challenge for those who use them.

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We proudly offer the very best quality living probiotic cultures and supporting nutrients. We are dedicated to making sure that our formulas are free of things that could potentially harm the body, such as GMO's, wheat, gluten, magnesium stearate, phthalates (used in enteric coating and delayed release capsules), and so much more.

Probulin probiotics are proudly manufactured in an NSF® Certified cGMP facility. We adhere to the strictest consumer safety standards, prioritizing transparency and efficacy. Probulin® products are designed from scientifically documented strains of living probiotic beneficial bacteria. All of our formulations are based on well-documented scientific research. As a result, we proudly deliver safe, effective probiotics backed by science.

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No GMOs No gluten No wheat No shellfish No dairy No soy No eggs No artificial flavors No artificial colors No artificial sweeteners No magnesium Stearate
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Dedicated to The Health of Our Communities

At Probulin® we're more than just a supplier of superior probiotic products. We believe that it is our responsibility to support the communities that support us. We are dedicated to making a difference as an organization and affecting positive change as it relates to diet in America. Our pledge is to begin bringing change to things like the School Lunch Programs around the nation. We will support this change with financial, educational, and political efforts. We know that this is a tall order, but we are up to the challenge. It is with your continued support that we can help move our mission forward.

It is with much love and respect that we thank all of you who choose Probulin probiotics. You give life to our daily mission to educate and provide the very best comprehensive health support to our communities.

Dedicated to the Health of Our Planet

Our mission to provide comprehensive digestive health support has ripple effects that benefit our beautiful planet Earth. The future of our planet depends on the intelligence found in non-genetically modified plants. By producing Non-GMO products, we've put the emphasis on seed sovereignty. With Probulin probiotics, you don't have to worry if your products are all-natural. We wouldn't make them any other way.

Whether it’s our vegan offerings, our focus on non-GMO, or our cGMP facilities, our commitment to the health of our planet goes hand in hand with producing the very best probiotic supplements.