How to Take Probiotics: Everything You Need to Know

Whatever your reason for exploring probiotics, we can certainly say we think your body is going to LOVE you for it. The potential health benefits of probiotic consumption seem to be endless, especially when it comes to supporting your digestive health and immune function. While certain questions are going to be very personal to you and your situationsuch as how long probiotics take to support balance or how often to take probioticsthere are clear ways everyone can maximize benefits of daily probiotic use. 

How Might You Gain the Health Benefits of Probiotics? 

Probiotics work best when they’re operating in a healthy environment. The “environment” we’re referring to is your body. In addition to your diet, the type of probiotics you’re taking, and the time of day that you take them may play a role in overall effectiveness. Keep reading for tips on how to consume probiotics for maximum health benefits.

5 Things to Know When Choosing the Best Probiotics for You

Before taking any type of probiotic, you should first consult with a doctor. Here’s why: There are several species of probiotics that are each meant to help you in specific ways (called probiotic strains). Your doctor can best guide you on the probiotics that are ideal for you. 

If you’d rather do your own research, you can check online medical journals for studies concerning different probiotic bacteria species. Enough positive studies are a promising indicator of success rates. To achieve a similar outcome, you must consume probiotics with a similar frequency, CFUs, and length of time found in your research.

1. Be Sure to Check the Label

Have food-related allergies, like an intolerance to dairy, gluten, nuts, or soy? You should always check labels of the probiotics you’re taking prior to consumption to see if you’re allergic to the ingredients. Probulin’s probiotic products, such as  the Daily Care Probiotic, are all vegan and manufactured without dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs. 

2. How Much Probiotics to Take: Yes, It’s Important to Take the Right CFU for You

CFUs represent the amount of live bacteria in a serving size of probiotics. It’s the live bacteria–a.k.a., the good bacteria–that work on your behalf to gut health in balance and digestion in check. When choosing a probiotic supplement for an adult, we recommend looking for ones that have a minimum 10-20 billion CFUs per capsule. There are sometimes suggestions that taking more CFU is better.  Research has revealed that this is not necessarily true.

3. Make Sure the Probiotics Can Survive the Journey

While aiming for 10-20 billion CFUs is a good target when shopping for probiotic supplements, it’s not always about how many billions you take. More important in a probiotic supplement is making sure the friendly flora will survive the journey. For this reason, Probulin® uses the scientifically validated MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System to provide better survival of beneficial bacteria.

Most probiotic products have serving instructions near the Supplement Facts panel. The instructions should tell you how frequently to consume the probiotic supplements and the time of day to take them. 

Every supplement is different. Regardless of what products you choose, follow the directions accordingly for the best results.

3. Combine Probiotics with Prebiotics

Probiotic bacteria work extremely well when prebiotic fibers, fibers such as inulin that feed the friendly flora, are present. When combined, they work together harmoniously to produce other bodily substances that are good for your health. 

Taking prebiotic fiber prior to probiotic consumption may help create a conducive environment for the live bacteria to thrive.

Prebiotic fiber can be found in many fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes. Some prebiotic-rich foods include asparagus, garlic, and onions. 

4. Drink Plenty of Water

It’s good to drink water with any supplement you take, but this is especially true with probiotic supplements. 

Probiotics are happiest when your body is properly hydrated. Have a tall glass of water handy when you’re ready to take your supplements so that they can have a smoother trip. 

5. Stick to a Healthy Diet 

Give your probiotics the running start they need by eating nutritious foods that keep your tummy and digestive tract humming along in harmony. Good bacteria like to feed on fruits, vegetables, fibers, as we mentioned. Avoid consuming processed foods and sugar, as they both give so-called “bad bacteria” fuel to multiply.

Wondering How Long to Take Probiotics? Consistency Is Key 

When first taking a probiotic, many experience a positive change in their digestive health. For others, there is a short period of adjustment which may include some temporary discomfort, such as gas and bloating.

Fortunately, any discomfort should be mild and usually subside a few days later. If they do not, or if they worsen, consult with your trusted physician.

If you are looking for the perfect probiotic supplement that contains thoughtfully formulated friendly flora strains and the prebiotic Inulin, and a validated delivery system like MAKTrek 3-D, checkout Probulin’s Daily Care Probiotic or one of our other incredible formulas. Have questions? We’d love to connect! We’re always happy to field your questions or feedback here

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