How Do You Know Your Probiotics Are Reaching Your Gut?

If you search online for “probiotics” you’re likely to find a wealth of information on the health benefits that these “good bacteria” confer when taken as a dietary supplement. They maintain balance in our gut flora, promote healthy gut motility, and support a healthy immune response, to name a few. But to achieve any of these goals, the bacterial cultures must be alive and healthy when they reach your gut.

Unlike some compounds in pill form, probiotics are living organisms, and as such they are fragile. Dramatic changes in temperature, shipping delays from factory to retailer, lack of nourishment, and even the acidic environment of our own stomachs can prove fatal to probiotics. So how can you be sure the probiotics you’re taking reach your gut alive and healthy?

At Probulin®, we’ve developed a multi-level system to protect our probiotics throughout their journey. Our patented MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System creates an environment designed to safeguard the life and health of our probiotic products to ensure that they reach your gut alive and robust.

Here’s how it works:

Two-Step Acid Protection

Our probiotic colonies are enrobed by an extract of Brown Seaweed composed of complex marine polysaccharides. This “seaweed submarine” shields encapsulates our probiotics during their journey from factory to you. Once consumed, the capsule travels to your stomach, where it encounters the powerful acids we use in digestion. Though stomach acids dissolve the outer shell, the complex marine polysaccharides form a secondary internal capsule protecting the living probiotic cells from the acid.

In-Transit Buffering

Because probiotics are vulnerable to dramatic changes in their environment, we provide our probiotic products with a buffering system that helps to support the in-transit digestive environment condition.

Additional Probiotics Safeguards

Probulin® uses only hardy, resilient strains of probiotic bacteria in our products. These robust strains are naturally equipped to handle exposure to some common environmental elements that can jeopardize weaker strains. We tested our Probiotic Delivery System against a simulated stomach acid environment and found that MAKTrek® 3-D resulted in significantly improved survival rates when compared with acid protection alone.

In addition, all Probulin® products like Daily Care, Probiotics for Women and Colon Support are shipped within a temperature-controlled environment that protects our probiotics from extreme heat.


Finally, Probulin® probiotics are packaged with sufficient “prebiotics” (the food probiotic bacteria need to survive) to ensure they remain nourished and healthy throughout their journey.

So if you’re concerned whether your probiotic supplement is reaching your gut, ask yourself…

  • Does my probiotic use only robust probiotic strains?
  • Is my probiotic triple-protected from environmental damage and stomach acid by the MAKTrek® 3-D system?
  • Is my probiotic shipped in a temperature-controlled environment?
  • Does my probiotic have sufficient prebiotic nourishment to survive its journey?

The answers will make Probulin® your first and only choice.

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