How Do Probiotics Support My Immune System?

Did you know that 70% of our immune system resides in our gut? It’s true. A healthy gut supports a healthy immune system—and probiotics support both.

To understand how, let’s start with the immune system.

What, exactly, is the immune system?

While most kids can point to parts of their cardiovascular system, like the heart, most adults would be at a loss when it comes to putting a finger on their immune system—and few would point to their bellies as a top location. Yet, our intestines contain more immune cells than the rest of the human body.

One of the body’s most complicated networks, our immune system includes a network of cells, tissues, organs and molecules throughout our body. The immune system consists of two parts, the innate, or natural, immune system and the adaptive, or acquired, immune system.

The innate immune system

The innate immune system kicks in as soon as we’re born. Odd to consider, but our intestinal tract is actually on the outside of our body. It’s basically a long tube that beings at the mouth, winds through our body and exits at the anus. Nutrients are not really inside our body until they’re absorbed into the bloodstream.

Our bodies have bacteria that live on our epithelial surfaces (the tissues line the outer surfaces of organs and blood vessels throughout the body, as well as the inner surfaces of cavities in many internal organs). So are immune cells, or white blood cells, that are found throughout our body.

The adaptive immune system

Our body develops, or acquires, our adaptive immune system throughout our lives. The adaptive immune system and the innate immune system work together to support overall health and wellness.

How do probiotics support our immune health?

Probiotics support healthy immune function in several important ways. Our gut contains trillions of bacteria. Consuming probiotics via food or supplements helps support our good resident bacteria. When they arrive, they…

  • Help maintain healthy gut pH levels (to support healthy bacteria)
  • Enable the body to more effectively break down and support absorption of nutrients from the food we eat

Probiotics support healthy immune function only if they arrive alive

Daily probiotics can help support our immune and digestive health—but only if they survive two treacherous journeys: the trip from the lab to your door and the voyage through your digestive tract to your gut.

To keep probiotics safe on their treacherous voyage through stomach acid, Probulin developed the MAKTrek 3-D Probiotic Delivery System. It encloses the microbes in uniquely-harvested seaweed extract to protect them—and packs along nutrients and hydration to keep them healthy on the journey. It’s like a seaweed submarine for probiotics. See it in action here.

And because the inside of a delivery truck can top 150 degrees—temperatures that will fry probiotics—Probulin always ships cold, with ice packs insulated with special material made from recycled blue jeans. This ensures they survive that journey, too. When more probiotics arrive alive, they deliver more benefits.

Find out which probiotic formula can best support your digestive and immune systems at

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