4 Tips for Digestive Health This Holiday Season

It starts with irresistibly bite-sized candy at Halloween. Then, just as we emerge from the post-sugar slump amid piles of tiny wrappers, holiday meals and libations offer temptation all the way through to New Year’s brunch, potentially wreaking havoc on our digestive health. It’s hard to stay on track when it ‘tis the season but, fortunately, there are some simple tips for maintaining digestive health even when following a nutritious, clean diet can be particularly challenging.

Go dashing through the snow.

Even though holiday schedules can be packed, try to keep up with your regular exercise routine. It helps keep digestion chugging by stimulating the intestinal muscles to move the contents through your system. Exercise can even help enhance the diversity of our gut microbes, which support immunity. Additionally, exercise can boost our metabolism throughout the day, helping offset second (and third) helpings of grandma’s stuffing. If daily cardio is more than your schedule—and willpower—allows during this busy time of year, you can at least skip that ever-so-tempting post-feast nap and take a walk around the neighborhood to check out the holiday decorations.

Drink up.

We’re talking water, not eggnog, champagne, or, sadly, that pinot that goes so splendidly with turkey. We tend to drink less water during the holidays while chugging more dehydrating beverages, like those with caffeine and alcohol, which can jam up our digestion. Water acts as a general lubricant for our system, which works overtime during the holidays. Water helps break down food so our body can absorb the nutrients and helps flush waste from the intestines. Being well hydrated also helps keep stool soft and moving through the bowel.

Eat fiber.

Let’s face it, the aroma of cooked broccoli is not what draws us to the holiday table. But eating fiber-packed foods like broccoli is critical to healthy digestion. Fiber keeps things moving through our system. It helps keep blood sugar levels from spiking and helps you feel full longer. Unfortunately for our GI tract, it’s not really the star of holiday menus, though sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber (marshmallow topping, not so much). Try to fit fruits, vegetables and legumes into your day. Or snack on air-popped popcorn during holiday movies.

Take digestive enzymes.

Enzymes promote nutrient absorption by helping break down the foods in the digestive tract. They do this by breaking apart the bonds that hold nutrients together. The smaller the nutrient pieces, the easier they are for our bodies to absorb. We need different types of enzymes to digest different types of foods, like carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Our pancreas secretes enzymes, as well as our mouth, stomach and small intestine. But, as we get older, our bodies make fewer enzymes. We also get enzymes from the raw foods we eat, but the typical American diet doesn’t contain enough. That’s why it’s helpful to add them to our diet in the form of daily supplemental enzymes.

There are lots of different enzyme brands on the market and choosing one can be overwhelming. Probulin Daily Digestive Enzymes are different. They are broad spectrum plant and probiotic based digestive enzymes which support healthy digestion of potentially difficult foods such as dairy, grains, beans, and certain veggies like broccoli and cabbage.

Probulin uses the MAKTrek Bypass delivery system to protect the Enzymes on their journey through the digestive tract by enclosing them in a protective barrier made from uniquely harvested seaweed. Learn more about why Probulin Daily Digestive Enzymes are a smarter approach to supporting your digestive health this holiday.

Digestive Probiotics and Enzymes

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