Everything You Need to Know About Topical Probiotic Skincare Products

As a newer staple item in the skincare industry, topical probiotic extract skincare is the perfect addition to every facial regimen. Skin is the body’s largest organ, so it only makes sense to handle it with the utmost care. Prolonged exposure to the sun, topical chemicals, lack of hydration and poor habits may all contribute unhealthy skin. On the surface of your skin lives an ecosystem of its own similar to the microbiome inside your gut. 

Is Probiotic Extract Skincare Really Necessary?

Everyone has that one skincare solution they use religiously. You may have  favorite products of your own that you swear up and down by, but if they lack unique extracts of probiotics, you might be missing out on many benefits of a probiotic extract-based skincare regimen. 

We could go on and on about the ways that probiotics extracts contribute to glowing skin. For one, they can help support skin to look healthy and brighter and may even be calming and deeply moisturizing to the skin. 

The trillions of bacteria in your body require a majority population of beneficial bacteria, in order to remain healthy and well-balanced. It is also true that there is a microbiome that lives on your skin. Thus, it is important that these trillions of organisms maintain a healthy balance.

Facial cleansers with harsh ingredients may not support valuable oils that keep our skin moisturized. As for antibacterial soaps? They’re no good, either. When used frequently, both may threaten healthy skin and may even disrupt the microflora of the skin. 

Why Should I Add Topical Probiotic Extract Skincare to My Regimen?

As it relates to gut health, probiotics are used to support digestive health. Probiotic extracts used in skin care help to support the health of the skin helping to keep it healthier and brighter looking.

Unlike probiotics for gut health that are consumed by way of ingestion, the skin solutions are applied directly on the skin as a topical cream or serum. Probiotic extract-infused skincare may create balance in your skin by supporting healthy skin renewal, lipid barrier support, and even help to keep the skin looking healthier and brighter.

Probiotic extracts may also provide an extra layer of protection for some of the UV damage we all face. Supporting the skin with probiotic extracts may assist with dry, irritated skin by helping to restore moisture and support.

Another benefit of probiotic extract topical skincare is that it acts as a natural skin protectant. Some of these unique elements are known as antimicrobial peptides. Peptides are extremely crucial to the health of your skin, as they supposedly have favorable effects on your skin’s immune response and help to eliminate skin-related pathogens.

It’s truly a win-win for you and your skin. 

How Probiotic Extracts and Prebiotics Work Together

One amazing way to support your skin is to include probiotic extracts to your skin care regiment. According to research, probiotic extracts can support skin health by increasing the speed up skin renewal, act as a skin protectant and support moisture balance in the skin leading to the potential for healthier brighter looking skin.  

Prebiotics also play an interesting role in skin health. Not only do they act as food for the good bacteria inside the digestive system, they also support the good bacteria that lives on the skin.  Supporting the skin microbiome is key for brighter and healthier looking skin.

You can consume prebiotics in the form of food or supplements. Adding prebiotic-rich foods to your diet is a great way to get a daily fix. Foods like asparagus, garlic, onions, and even cocoa have prebiotics in them. 

Prebiotics can be also found in various skincare solutions, including certain serums and moisturizers. As a topical agent, prebiotics create a supportive environment for the skin microbiome. It does this by simply feeding the probiotic bacteria and giving them the energy to support your skin. 

What Probiotic Skincare Solutions Are Right for Me? 

Probulin’s line of probiotic Extract-infused skincare is scientifically formulated to produce healthy, beautiful skin. Its probiotic lysate (probiotic extract) content creates a bond like no other with your skin with the ProbuSkin® Probiotic Extract Technology that offers the ultimate skin support.

There are plenty of probiotic skincare products out there for you to try. If you only want the best of the best, the Probiotic Extract Skin Therapy 5-Pack is a great investment. Before you officially modify your regimen, you should first consult with a dermatologist about your skin’s needs.

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