Digestive Probiotics FAQs

Bedtime is the BEST time for probiotics. However, all Probulin® products may be taken with or without food and can be taken during the day or in the evening.

It’s not about how many billions you take, but rather about how many will survive the journey. Research suggests that simply ingesting more CFUs will not necessarily deliver better results. For this reason, Probulin® uses the scientifically validated MAKTrek® 3-D Probiotic Delivery System to provide better survival of beneficial bacteria.

At Probulin®, our “Cold + Protected” shipping method keeps probiotics alive as they make their journey to you. The journey isn’t easy for these organisms. Without proper shipping, storage and handling, these beneficial cultures could easily die in transit. Heat and moisture are the chief enemies, and temperatures inside a delivery truck can easily reach 150ºF.

At Probulin®, we use a specialized insulated box made partially from recycled blue jean textile waste material. Amazingly, this material has the same insulation rating as Styrofoam but is biodegradable and environmentally safe! We also use blister trays boasting a metallic film which is among the most effective barriers against moisture available. All Probulin® digestive care products are packaged and shipped in a way that best provides for probiotic survival.

Prebiotics are fractions of soluble fiber that are food for probiotics. Not all fibers are prebiotics, the determination has to do with the chemical bonds that make up the fiber. At probulin we use Inulin made from chicory root, among the most studied prebiotic sources. There is debate among researchers as to whether other plant molecules such as polyphenols could also function as a prebiotics.

The World Health Organization refers to Probiotics as microorganisms (select yeast and bacteria) that provide a benefit to the host when consumed in adequate amounts. Probiotics have been linked in countless clinical trials to supporting immune health, as well as healthy bowel function, and proper digestion of the food we eat.

Compounds created by probiotics that condition their environment and encourage growth and stability. These postbiotic compounds may include such things as:

  • Amino Acids
  • Bacteriocins (natural defensive compounds)
  • Short Chain Fatty acids (nourishing for humans and promotes growth of probiotics)
  • Other Organic Acids and metabolites

At Probulin, we believe you should look for:

  • Correct CFU’s (10 to 20 Billion CFU is all that is truly needed)
  • Robust probiotic strains
  • Prebiotics, like Inulin, to nourish probiotics
  • “Cold + Protected” packaging & shipping so the probiotic products arrives alive.
  • Scientifically studied delivery system demonstrated to ensure a greater number of surviving beneficial probiotic bacteria — We believe the ultimate delivery system is MakTrek-3D which goes beyond other probiotic delivery systems.

This is part of the MakTrek-3D delivery system: A secondary barrier created by brown seaweed polysaccharides to protect the beneficial probiotic and provide a micro-environment for proper acid protection and hydration through the digestive process all in order to deliver better probiotic survival.

No. The bacteria in our skincare products is processed in a manner that was borne out of clinical research and does not require refrigeration after the unique manufacturing process.

Sustainably harvested off the coast of Chile and Peru.

They are essentially Vegan, as they do not contain any animal derived product (unless you consider probiotic cells to be animals!) but we do not have the Vegan Certificate.

Generally, this is not necessary. Our products are intended to be used as directed or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner. However, it should be noted that under 50 Billion cells per day is a safe supplemental range in the probiotic industry.

There is significant controversy about this question, generally it is recommended to separate the time of ingestion by at least 2 hours. If you are taking a medication it is wise to consult with your healthcare professional before taking our product.

Freeze Dried.  We do not use “Soil-Based” bacteria (spores).  And if you want to know more about why please ask us at:  info@probulin.com

No. Our bodies do not produce bacteria and there is no evidence of a negative feedback loop with probiotics in our body. Modern diets tend to contain less cultured/fermented food in our daily diets compared to our ancestors.

Probulin is proud to be among the first to use laser-based technology to count bacterial cells in a more consistent and accurate way compared to traditional CFU. This technology is called Flow Cytometry.  Flow cytometry allows measurement of how many are alive, versus dead or injured cells. (CFU technology has never had this ability.)

Colony Forming Unit – is the most common way of estimating how many probiotic cells are contained in the product. Note that while CFU counts are important there are known limitations with this method in terms of accuracy and speed.

Everyday factors such as diet, alcohol consumption, exposure to modern chemicals, and how often you consume traditional cultured food in modern diets can impact the balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Consistent use of a probiotic will help to support the digestive microbiome more efficiently.

There are several factors to consider when estimating the potency of a probiotic it’s not as simple as measuring total cell count!  Here are some of the factors to look for:  The number of cells provided, the capabilities of the selected strains, the quality of the manufacturing process, and finally the specific interaction of the bacteria on the intestine.  It is our belief that simply flooding the intestine with probiotics is not the most effective strategy.

When first taking a probiotic, many experience a positive change in their digestion with reductions of occasional gas and bloating. For others, there is a short period of adjustment which can include some temporary discomfort, such as more gas and bloating, for a short time as probiotics work.

Yes.  However, the MAKTrek-3D probiotic delivery system contains a seaweed polysaccharide that is meant to be taken with the probiotics and will not be as effective without the delivery system.

Probiotics have generally been deemed to be safe.  Nonetheless we believe that pregnant or lactating women should always consult their healthcare professional before taking any supplement.

Probulin probiotics are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration. This is due to the effective moisture barriers and selection of sturdy strains. Though refrigeration is not required it may extend shelf life. We do ship our products “cold and protected” year-round in order to avoid temperature spikes during transit. However, normal ambient temperatures are not of great concern for Probulin Probiotics.

We have completed real-time stability studies on our products and we have great confidence that when stored as directed, every Probulin probiotic should meet its potency claim until the “Best By” date listed on the package.

Probulin only uses scientifically studied strains from one of the top labs in the world. On our label, we list the probiotic species rather than the specific strain information which is the conventional way of labeling in the industry. By labeling in this fashion we protect our formula, and prevent consumer confusion especially among those not familiar with probiotic literature who might be unable to evaluate the trial data. We can assure we have done the homework and have selected powerful strains with a proven track record.

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