4 Keys to Choosing a Probiotic

There are hundreds of probiotics available to consumers today, and there are some key differences among brands. It’s essential to make informed choices when selecting the best probiotic products for you.

Here we’ll look at 4 important criteria you can use to help you select the highest quality and most beneficial probiotic products on the market today.

  1. Does it include a prebiotic? Remember that probiotics are living things and must be alive when consumed in order for them to confer their many health benefits to us. So it’s essential that probiotics have nourishment as they make their journey from production facility, to retailer, to you. A “prebiotic” is a soluble fiber that is the food that probiotics need to survive.  To help ensure the health and survival of our probiotics, Probulin includes prebiotics in each capsule.
  2. Does it have ideal potency for a probiotic? Probiotic potency is measured in colony-forming units (CFUs). It’s easy to assume that the higher number of CFUs would correspond to greater health benefits for you. So a probiotic that claims to offer 50 billion CFUs should be better than one offering 20 billion, right? Though that sounds logical, scientific research suggests that a probiotic potency of 10-20 billion CFUs is all that may be needed, provided that it is delivered properly.  Anything more may be simply unnecessary.
  3. How effective is the probiotic delivery system? A quality delivery system ensures that the probiotics survive not only the journey from production facility to you, but that they survive within your body. After being consumed, probiotics must reach the small and large intestines in order to begin conferring much of their health benefits. That means surviving the harsh and acidic environment of the stomach. Probulin’s patent-pending MAKTrek 3-D Probiotic Delivery System helps ensure better survival.
  4. Does the manufacturer ensure survival of probiotic products in transit? Probiotics are living things, and as such have a limited tolerance for excessive heat, humidity, and drastic changes in their immediate environment. To help ensure the survival of our probiotics during shipping, all Probulin products are shipped on ice. This helps ensure a cool, dry, and stable environment that preserves the probiotics as they make their way from warehouse to retailer to you.


There is more to taking a probiotic than first meets the eye. To receive maximum benefits of the bacteria strains, proper delivery of live, healthy probiotics to the gut is essential. By ensuring each of these four criteria are met when choosing your probiotic, you will enjoy the health benefits of your probiotic. Do you have more questions? Learn more at probulin.com.

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